Alfred Bayly 


Royal Navy

Died On:
2 April 1910


Alfred Prowse was born on 19 May 1881, the son of Captain James F and Mrs Prowse of ‘Fatshan’, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset.

He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet in 1895. He served as a Midshipman in the Armoured Cruiser HMS CAMPERDOWN on the Mediterranean Station.  Promoted to Lieutenant in 1903 he served in the Armoured Cruiser HMS HOGUE and the Battleship HMS MAGNIFICENT.

Alfred Prowse joined submarines in 1904 ‘additional for Training’. and in 1905, his appointment was changed to ‘for Command of Submarines’ but no specific Submarine was noted. In 1906 he took command of HMS C3

He returned to the Surface Fleet for his ‘Big Ship’ time with an appointment to the Battleship HMS BULWARK from 1908 – 1909. On leaving HMS BULWARK Alfred Prowse rejoined Submarines and was appointed in command of HMS C29.  He was subsequently appointed in command of HMS C37, standing by whilst completing, in 1910.

Alfred Prowse was lost overboard from C37 in heavy weather off The Lizard on Saturday 2 April 1910 while on passage from the Building Yard (Vickers at Barrow in Furness) to Portsmouth in company with HMS C38 and the Torpedo Boat Destroyer HMS SHARPSHOOTER.

Alfred Prowse is commemorated on his parent’s gravestone in the Flowerlands Section of the Church Yard at Longfleet Church, Poole. Dorset.


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