Torpedo Gunner 

Arthur Godfrey 


Royal Navy

Died On:
5 August 1915


Arthur Bishop was born at Moville in Donegal, Ireland on 1 December 1886. He joined the Royal Navy on 2 February 1904 and served in submarines as an Able Seaman (ST) to Petty Officer (ST) from 23 October 1908 to 28 November 1912 in Submarine Depot Ships. He was promoted to Acting Gunner (T) on 1 August 1914 and appointed to the light cruiser HMS AURORA,

He returned to submarines on 24 April 1915, and was appointed to the Submarine Depot Ship HMS ARROGANT ‘for Submarines‘ on 16 May 1915. His date of appointment to HMS C33 as Third Hand is not yet established but was probably 16 May 1915. On 4 August 1915, C33 was lost with all hands and was believed to have hit a mine in the North Sea.

His Next of Kin was noted as his wife living in, Dover, Kent. Arthur Bishop is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial on Panel No. 5.



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