Sub Lieutenant 

John Preston 


Royal Navy

Died On:
18 March 1904


John Churchill was born in Dorchester, Dorset, on 21 November 1883, the son of Rear Admiral Orford Churchill & Edith Maria Churchill (née Preston). He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet at the BRITANNIA on 15 September 1897. He was promoted Midshipman on 15 January 1899, and appointed to the battleship HMS MAJESTIC on the same date. This was followed by appointment to the battleship HMS RAMILLIES on 10 August 1900. He was promoted to Sub Lieutenant on 15 September 1902. John Churchill joined the Naval College for his Lieutenant’s Courses on 14 November 1902. Whist serving at the College he was loaned to Chatham for HM Torpedo Boat No. 67 in Command from 21 July 1903 to 18 August 1903

Sub Lieutenant John Churchill joined the Submarine Depot Ship HMS THAMES additional for 6 months Training on 1 January 1904. On 18 March 1904 he was serving in HMS A1, as Second Captain, when it was run down by the SS BERWICK CASTLE off Spithead whilst A1 was participating in exercises. John Churchill died in the accident.

John Churchill is buried at the Haslar Naval Cemetery.


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