Lieutenant (Engineer) 

Michael Christopher 


Royal Navy

Boat Crest
Died On:
19 April 1951


Michael Christopher Cole-Adams was born in London on 5 February 1927, the son of Walter Alwyn and Lorna Mary Cole-Adams (nee Bernard-Smith). Michael Cole-Adams joined the Royal Navy as Cadet (E) on 1 January 1945. He was promoted to Midshipman (E) on 1 September 1945. In December 1946 he was listed as an Acting Lieutenant (E) although his substantive Rank was Sub Lieutenant (E) (seniority 1 December 1946).

Michael Cole-Adams joined HMS DOLPHIN for the Submarine Course in January 1951. On 16 April 1951, his Training Class joined HMS AFFRAY at HMS DOLPHIN for Sea Training/Experience. AFFRAY was lost with all hands in the English Channel near the Hurd Deep overnight 16/17 April 1951.


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