Able Seaman 

George Henry 



Royal Navy

Boat Crest
Died On:
20 January 1942


Harry Cross was born on 7 August 1910 and was a crane driver at Scotswood Yard in Newcastle. Though this was almost certainly a reserved occupation he volunteered for the Navy on the outbreak of war, and is recorded as having served since 17 October 1939.

Harry volunteered for service in submarines, and joined the submarine depot ship HMS MEDWAY as spare crew on 2 February 1941.  There is no date listed for when he joined HMS TRIUMPH. His service record card has a reference to service in HMS GRIMSBY, a sloop sunk by aircraft off Tobruk on 25 April 1941. He probably volunteered to fill a gapped billet for a while to help out, while waiting for transfer to a boat.

He left a wife, Catherine, a son Brian and a daughter Brenda.  He is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 64 Column 3.


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