Able Seaman 

Brian Michael 


Royal Navy

Boat Crest
Died On:
29 December 1968


Brian Exton was the son of Miriam and Arthur J Exton, husband of Brenda Exton and father of Louise Christine Exton.

According to reports  in the Grantham Journal of 24 & 29 January 1969,  Brian Exton of Royal Sovereign Avenue, St Mary’s Garden’s, Chatham, Kent, died in a car accident, when the A40 he was driving was in collision with a lorry on 29 December 1968 on the A1 North of the Fox Inn, South Witham.  His wife Brenda was in the car but survived.  

Water and dirt contamination found in the braking system of the car would have had an effect on the system’s workings, an inquest jury heard at Grantham on Monday. There was insufficient braking on the rear wheels. A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.

Brian Exton is buried in St Martins Churchyard, Owston Ferry, North Lincolnshire.


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