Robert Malcolm 


Royal Navy

Died On:
22 July 1941


Robert Malcolm Galloway was born in South Africa in 1911 and was the son of the late John Galloway & Mrs Minnie Fulton Galloway – his father died on active service during World War One. Robert Galloway arrived at Tilbury from Capetown, South Africa, with his mother, in the Aberdeen Line SS MARATHON. He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet on 1 September 1928 and was appointed to the Battle Cruiser HMS HOOD on the same date. He was promoted Midshipman on 1 May 1929, was appointed to the Battle Cruiser HMS TIGER on 17 May 1929 and then, to the Cruiser HMS DELHI (8th Cruiser Squadron, America, and West Indies) on 28 December 1929. He was promoted to Acting Sub Lieutenant 1 September 1931 and was appointed to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich for his Lieutenant’s Courses on the same date. On 4 April 1932 he was appointed to the Naval College at Portsmouth for the (G), (T) & (N) Courses from 16 May 1932.

He was appointed to HMS DOLPHIN for the Submarine Course on 8 May 1933 and was appointed to HMS L71 as Third Hand on 19 August 1933. He was promoted Lieutenant on 16 July 1934. On 10 January 1935 he was appointed to HMS DOLPHIN for HMS SALMON as Navigating Officer and, on 15 October 1936, he was appointed to HMS LUCIA for HMS STARFISH as First Lieutenant. On 23 August 1937 he was appointed to HMS DOLPHIN for Submarines and, in December 1937 he was appointed to HMS PROTEUS as First Lieutenant (Fourth Submarine Flotilla, China Station). He was still serving in HMS PROTEUS in September 1939.

He returned home and completed his Commanding Officers Qualifying Course on 6 May 1940 and, on successful completion was appointed to HMS L23 in Command on 19 July 1940 and this was followed by HMS UNION in Command on 3 January 1941. HMS UNION was lost with all hands in the Mediterranean on 20th July 1941. The Italian Torpedo Boat Circe conducted a depth charge attack south-south-west of the Island of Pantelleria in position 36º 26’ North, 11º 50’ East. The attack by Circe took place after UNION had carried out a torpedo attack on a convoy which the Circe was escorting.

 Robert Galloway’s Next of Kin was his mother, and he is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval War Memorial on Panel No 45 Column No 1.


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