Lieutenant (Engineer) 

Anthony Geoffrey 


Royal Navy

Boat Crest
Died On:
3 June 1939


Anthony Jamison was born in Horsham, Sussex in 1910, the son of Reginald and Eanswyth Elstrith Jamieson (née Heyworth). Cadet Jamison was appointed to the battle cruiser HMS TIGER on 30 April 1927. On 12 January 1928, he was appointed to the Engineering Course at the Royal Navy Engineering College, Keyham and was promoted to Acting Sub Lieutenant (E) on 1 September 1930.

He was promoted Lieutenant (E) on 17 December 1931 and was appointed to the aircraft carrier HMS FURIOUS on 30 January 1932. On 29 September 1932 he was appointed to the advanced Course of Instruction in Engineering at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. On 4 September 1934, he was appointed the cruiser HMS CARLISLE.

His date of joining submarines has not been established but, in December 1936 he was appointed to HMS OSIRIS as the Engineer. He was then appointed to HMS TRIDENT as Engineering Officer – standing by whilst completing at Cammell Lairds at Birkenhead on 15 February 1938.

He was on board HMS THETIS on 1 June 1939 for familiarisation. During the Acceptance Sea Trial there was a problem with the Trim and during the investigations a torpedo tube rear door was opened whilst the bowcap was open. This resulted in the forward compartments being flooded and the submarine sinking. During the efforts to rescue the crew and passengers a total of only four escaped before the submarine finally sank with the loss of ninety-nine Officers, Ratings and Civilian personnel.

Anthony Jamison died in the accident, and he is buried in the THETIS mass grave at Holyhead.


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