Roland Percy 


Royal Navy

Boat Crest
Died On:
15 November 1947


Telegraphist Roland Percy Lethbridge was the son of Stephen Charles & Emily Kate Lethbridge of Copnor.  He joined the RN Submarine Service on 1 November 1937.   Following a course at HMS OSPREY he took passage to join the submarine depot ship HMS MEDWAY, joining the HMS OLYMPUS on 27 April 1938.

He remained in OLYMPUS until he returned to HMS DOLPHIN on 31 January 1941. He was admitted to RNH Haslar on 9 May 1941 and was invalided to shore permanently unfit for naval service on 29 August 1941, in receipt of a disability pension.

He died on 15 November 1947 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and is commemorated on his parent’s grave in Milton Cemetery in Portsmouth in Plot E E Row 10 Grave 17.


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