Artificer Engineer 

Edward George 


Royal Navy

Died On:
16 January 1919


Edward Millett was born in Bow in London on 23 October 1879, the son of Edward & Ada Julia Millett. He joined the Royal Navy as an Acting Engine Room Artificer Fourth Class. After service in HMS LONDON, HMS FORESIGHT, HMS PHILOMEL, HMS RENOWN & HMS ALBERMARLE, he joined the submarine service as an Engine Room Artificer Second Class in the Submarine Depot Ship HMS MERCURY on 1 September 1910.

By 30 September 1917 he had been promoted to Chief Engine Room Artificer Second Class and had served continuously in submarine depot ships & submarines including HMS ARROGANT, HMS DOLPHIN, HMS ALECTO, HMS VULCAN, HMS FORTH & HMS MAIDSTONE and in HMS E35 from 1 April 1917 to 30 September 1917. He was promoted to Artificer Engineer on 1 October 1917. Following post promotion courses he was appointed to the Submarine Depot Ship HMS TITANIA on 11 March 1918.

Edward Millett is reported to have died on 15 January 1919 from heart problems following influenza. He was the husband of Ethel Lilian Millett, and he is buried in the Woodgrange Park Cemetery, East Ham, Newham, London.


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