Charles Lewis 


Royal Navy

Died On:
14 September 1914


Charles Moore was born in Dublin, Ireland, on 23 August 1888, the son of Colonel Henry Moore and Mrs Annie Sophy Ruthven Moore. He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet on 15 January 1904 and was promoted Midshipman on 30 July 1905.  He was appointed to the Royal Naval College for his Lieutenant’s Courses on 21 September 1908 and was promoted to Sub Lieutenant on 30 September 1908.  He was promoted to Lieutenant on 1 April 1911.

He joined submarines with an appointment to HMS ARROGANT for ‘course of Instruction in Submarines’ on 15 August 1911.

He was loaned to the Royal Australian Navy for a period of three years, joining HMAS AE1 in London, as Second Captain, to date 14 October 1913. He was then appointed to AE1 as First Lieutenant on 28 February 1914 for the passage to Australia. HMS AE1 was patrolling in the St George’s Straits off New Britain on 14th September 1914 when she vanished without trace.

Charles Moore is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval War Memorial on Panel No. 4.


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