Chief Petty Officer (Coxswain) 




Royal Navy

Died On:
20 January 1942


Reginald Nott was born at South Stoneham, Southampton, on 7 December 1907, the son of Charles and Annie Nott.

He entered the Royal Navy aboard HMS IMPREGNABLE as a Boy 2nd Class on 26 June 1923. He joined HMS TIGER on 17 June 1924, and was rated Ordinary Seaman in this ship on 7 December 1925. He was rated Able Seaman in HMS LOWESTOFT on 8 June 1926, and joined HMS DOLPHIN for submarine training on 16 May 1930.

He joined his first submarine, HMS H30, on 1 October 1930 and served in this boat until February 1933. Thereafter his record of service gives just the submarine depots DOLPHIN and HMS MEDWAY until February 1937 when he was assigned to HMS H33. He was advanced to Acting Petty Officer aboard this boat on 8 July 1937. After further service aboard HMS OXLEY and UNITY, he was made Acting Chief Petty Officer on 22 October 1940, and joined HMS TRIUMPH on 17 November 1940.

Reginald Nott was HMS TRIUMPH’s Coxswain and one of his many roles was to act as deputy medical officer to the First Lieutenant, a role for which he was commended when TRUMPH captured six wounded fishermen off Sicily in September 1941.

He was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal  (London Gazette of 20 January 1942) “for courage skill and resolution in successful submarine patrols” and a Bar to the DSM (London Gazette of 5 May 1942) “for daring, enterprise and devotion to duty in successful patrols in HM Submarines“.

The recommendation for the Bar to his D.S.M. states: “For courage and devotion to duty as Coxswain of HMS TRIUMPH during three patrols since previously being recommended. Nott’s cool and efficient handling of the after hydroplanes contributed materially to successful attacks on an Italian cruiser and four supply ships. He also set a fine example of coolness on four occasions of being depth charged.

Reginald Nott was the husband of Grace M. Nott, of Itchen, Hampshire.  He is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 62, Column 2.


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