Francis Thompson 


Royal Navy

Died On:
2 February 1912


Frank Ormand was born in Morecambe, Lancashire, on 23 October 1887, the younger son of Thomas and Margaret Annie Ormand. He joined the Royal Navy as a Special Entry Cadet and spent time as a Midshipman in the Battleships HMS MAJESTIC and HMS RUSSELL.

By May 1909, he had joined submarines as a Lieutenant and then joined HMS C15, from which, on 15 July 1909, he is reported to have fallen overboard and been rescued by the Commanding Officer and an Able Seaman. In November 1911 he was appointed to command of HMS A4.

On 2 February 1912, he was acting as the temporary Commanding Officer of HMS A3, whilst the usual Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Charles W Craven, was absent on leave. A3 was accidentally rammed while surfacing by the submarine tender HMS HAZARD in the Solent and sank with the loss of all on board. Frank Ormand is buried in the Royal Naval Cemetery, Haslar.


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