James Charles Woolmer 



Royal Navy

Died On:
23 March 1922


James Price was born in Shepperton in London on 8 March 1897, the son of Charles and Gwendolin Price. He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet in January 1911, was appointed to the battleship HMS OCEAN on 2 August 1914 and promoted to Midshipman on 4 August 1914. James Price was awarded the DSC for services at the Dardanelles when he was in charge of HMS OCEAN’s picket boat ordered to torpedo HMS E15 which had gone aground whilst attempting a passage through the Straits to the Sea of Marmora.

The Citation in the London Gazette of 16 August 1915 reads as follows:

Sub Lieutenant Stephen Augustus Bayford RNR, HMS MAJESTIC and Midshipman James Charles Woolmer Price, HMS OCEAN.  These Officers were both in command of picket boats on the night of March 13/14.  When ‘OCEAN’s’ boat lay helpless having been struck in the boiler room by a shell ‘MAJESTIC’ took her in tow, under heavy fire, the conduct of these two Officers being altogether admirable, as was the handling of their boats.

HMS OCEAN was sunk on 18 March 1915 whilst taking part in bombardment operations at the Dardanelles. James Price survived the sinking, and, in April 1915, he was appointed to the battleship HMS AGAMEMNON. He was then appointed to the battleship HMS EXMOUTH in June 1915 and then to the Torpedo Boat Destroyer HMS COMET on 5 January 1917.  He was promoted to Sub Lieutenant in July 1917.

James Price joined submarines on 3 September 1917 when he was appointed to HMS DOLPHIN for Submarine Training, and this was followed by an appointment to ‘Submarine J4 as Third Hand’ on 20 February 1918. Promotion to Lieutenant followed on 15 November 1918. Remaining in HMS J4 he was re-appointed as First Lieutenant on 1 December 1918.

James Price was then appointed to HMS K5 as Navigating Officer in which he served until 28 July 1920, and he was then appointed to the Submarine Depot Ship HMS VULCAN at Portland ‘for Group G Submarines in Reserve.

On 1 December 1921 James Price was appointed to HMS H42 as First Lieutenant. On 23 March 1922, H42 was in collision with the destroyer HMS VERSATILE off Europa Point, Gibraltar and was sunk with all hands.


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