Dudley William 


Royal Navy

Died On:
19 January 1917


Dudley Ryder was born in Florida, USA on 28 December 1892, the only son of William Henry and Catherine Mabel Ryder (née Sutton). He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet on 15 September 1905, was promoted to Midshipman on 15 May 1910 and joined the cruiser HMS INDOMITABLE on the same date. An appointment to the cruiser HMS LANCASTER followed on 15 May 1911 and he next joined the cruiser HMS LION in July 1912. On 26 August 1913 he was appointed to the battleship HMS LORD NELSON. He was promoted to Sub Lieutenant on 30 August 1913. In August 1914 Dudley Ryder joined the torpedo boat destroyer HMS SEAL. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 15 April 1915.

Lieutenant Dudley Ryder was appointed to the Submarine Depot Ship HMS ARROGANT on 6 March 1915 for submarines. He was then appointed to HMS H6 as First Lieutenant to date 16 May 1915. On 19 January 1916 H6 ran aground near Ameland Island off Holland. Some of the crew, including Dudley Ryder, were taken off H6 by HMS FIREDRAKE, the remainder of the crew being interned in Holland for the duration of the war. His next appointment was to HMS D1 as First Lieutenant to date 10 May 1916.

Dudley Ryder was then appointed to HMS E36 as First Lieutenant on 1 November 1916. He was lost in E36 when it was sunk with all hands in a collision with HMS E43 in the North Sea on 19 January 1917.

Dudley Ryder is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial on Panel No. 24.



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