Hugh Donald 




Died On:
20 July 1918


Hugh Wynne was born at Llanrust, Denbighshire on 8 June 1890, the son of George Wynne and Mary Angharad Wynne (née McDutton). He was indentured as an apprentice with Elder Dempster & Co. from 13 July 1906 to 12 June 1909. He joined the Royal Naval Reserve as a Midshipman, RNR on 6 April 1909. After being awarded his Masters’ Certificate (square-rigged ships) he served as Third Mate in SS WARRI and SS FOLD and was confirmed as a Midshipman, RNR on 2 May 1912. He was promoted Acting Sub Lieutenant, RNR on 16 February 1914 and, from 8 June 1914 to 14 November 1914 he was serving as Third Officer in the SS SALLUST.

Hugh Wynne was appointed to the Armed Merchant Cruiser COLUMBELLA on 6 December 1914. He was promoted Sub Lieutenant, RNR on 8 May 1915 and, again, to Acting Lieutenant, RNR on 11 May 1915. On 3 March 1916 he received Their Lordships Commendation “for very difficult and arduous seamanship in bringing sailing ship BEECHBANK into Lerwick in a gale on 27 January 1916 after being dis-masted. This Officer was in charge of the armed guard and took complete charge of the Ship.” Hugh Wynne was awarded the DSC ‘for services in Patrol Cruisers between January and June 1916’.

Hugh Wynne was promoted to Lieutenant, RNR on 8 May 1917 and joined submarines on 14 September 1917 with an appointment to HMS H14 as Navigating Officer at Boston, Massachusetts. H14 was transferred to the Canadian Navy and became HMCS CH14. He returned home from Canada on 12 June 1918.

An appointment to HMS E34 as Navigating Officer followed on 11 July 1918. E34 was lost with all hands in the North Sea on 20 July 1918. The cause of the loss has not yet been established.

Hugh Wynne was the husband of Lena Meredith Goudey Wynne. His body was washed ashore after the loss of HMS E34 and he was buried with full military honours in the Noordwijk General Cemetery, Zuid Holland, Netherlands in Grave No. C46.


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