Lieutenant Commander 

Richard Michael Eames 


Royal Navy

Died On:
21 June 1942


Richard Michael Eames Pain was born in Bingham, Nottinghamshire on 29 September 1909, the son of William Henry Pain and Elsie Latham Pain. He joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet on 15 May 1923. He was promoted to Midshipman on 1 January 1927 and was appointed to the battleship HMS EMPEROR OF INDIA on 15 January 1927. This was followed by an appointment to the cruiser HMS SUSSEX (First Cruiser Squadron, Mediterranean Fleet) on 19 April 1929. Richard Pain was promoted to Sub Lieutenant on 1 August 1930.

On 4 May 1931 he was appointed to HMS DOLPHIN for the Submarine Course and, on 17 August 1931 he was appointed to HMS RAINBOW as Third Hand, He was promoted Lieutenant on 1 February 1932. He was appointed, on 3rd July 1934, to HMS H48 in the Fourth Submarine Flotilla, based at Portland. On 21 September 1934 he was appointed to HMS H34 as First Lieutenant, He also served briefly in HMS OXLEY as First Lieutenant (Temporary), An appointment to HMS RAINBOW as First Lieutenant in the Fourth Submarine Flotilla, China Station followed on 1 November 1935.

 After successfully completing his Commanding Officers Qualifying Course in January 1938 he was then appointed to HMS STERLET in Command.

Richard Pain was Court-Martialled on 18 March 1939 in the wake of the 22 February grounding of HMS STERLET after dragging her anchors while moored off Sandown Pier Light. Despite supporting testimony as to his qualifications as a submarine commander, Pain was dismissed his ship and reprimanded. Richard Pain was appointed to the Battleship HMS BARHAM on 16 June 1939. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander on 1st February 1940.

In January 1942 Richard Pain joined HMS L27 in Command at Conception Bay, Newfoundland.  L27 left St Johns on 18 February before arriving at the Philadelphia Navy Yard when the Submarine was to be refitted. By 15 June 1942 Richard Pain had handed over Command of Submarine L27 and joined HMS P514.

On 21 June 1942, Submarine P514 was lost with all hands whilst on passage to St Johns, Newfoundland escorted by the Corvette PRIMROSE. The Minesweeper HMCS GEORGIAN was waiting to pick up a convoy and sighted HMS P514 in the early hours. Not being aware that there was an Allied Submarine in the area GEORGIAN rammed and sank P514.

Richard Pain is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval War Memorial on Panel No 61 Column Number 3.


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