HMS P514 (Lt Cdr R M E Pain) was transferred to the Royal Navy in 1941 under the Lend-Lease Agreement. P514 was one of a number of United States Navy submarines which had been loaned to the Royal Navy. In United States Navy service, the submarine was designated as USN Submarine R19. She entered service in the Royal Navy on 9 March 1942 where she spent her days operating with the Royal Canadian Navy, largely in the capacity of a training vessel.

P514 sailed from the fishing village of Argentia on Canada’s eastern seaboard on 20 June 1942 escorted by the Flower class corvette, HMS PRIMROSE. She was routed along the ‘safest inshore route’ to St John’s, Newfoundland, 65 miles to the north. However, on 21 June 1942 she encountered an allied convoy. The minesweeper HMCS GEORGIAN was waiting to pick up a convoy to be escorted to Sydney, Cape Breton Island. GEORGIAN sighted HMS P514 in the early hours and, not being aware that there was an allied submarine in the area, rammed and sank P514, and the submarine was lost with all hands.

The loss of P514 is commemorated on a plaque in the Church of St Mary at Swinbrook in Oxfordshire. The plaque reads ‘To the honoured memory of the officers and Ships Company of HM Submarine P514’.


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