To apply for a grant, you have to sign up to become a member of TSF.

Once you have signed up, on the home page go to -get involved-apply for a grant.

Once you have been completed the initial form a member of the RNRMC grants team will be in touch with guidance on the next steps.

The application will now be presented to TSF board, and a final decision will lie with them.

Timings for your answer will depend on the current amount of RNRMC grant applications.

A minor grant is any application under £5000.

An application for more than £5000 is considered a major grant.

A major grant will require more detail, eveidence of the benefit of the project and proof of current finances and awarded grants for same project.

As you may be aware that TSF sits underneath the RNRMC umbrella of support. We can identify all funds that are received of other entities such as TSF to ensure that all funds are allocated to the correct pot of money.

In order to get this Standing Order set up, you will need to contact your bank to create this. Our bank details are as followed; if you could please use the refence in your transaction as ‘RG TSF’ and we will be able to confirm with you. We receive your account name when the transaction occurs. If you could also please let us know how much this generous donation will be as well as the frequency I will be able to inform The Submarine Family.

Account Name: Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC)

Sort Code: 16-19-26

Account no: 10532515

As TSF isn’t currently a charity in it’s own right and the RNRMC manages and distributes all funds please choose RNRMC as your charity when setting up your page. When you do this please alert the team so that we can ensure that the funds are then marked for TSF. Write within your page that your are fundraising for TSF so that your network and supporters are aware where the funds are going

To change anything about your regular donation, please contact [email protected]

Either use the ask the Cdre function within the members area of the website or the get in touch function via the

contact us section.

No. TSF like RNRMC will be award grants for the benefit of fundraising or sponsorship

Unfortunately not, the full membership access area for submariners is only for those who have qualified as a Royal Navy submariner.

We are currently working on a process fr overseas submariners; in the meantime you still join as a family or supporter member.

Unfortunately not, at this time TSF will only allow RN submariners and veterans to join as submariners/veterans. RNRMC policy only advocates and permits the support of RN personnel and their families. You can still join TSF as a supporter/family member and receive news/events and benefits that this will bring.

The donor below can set up a recurring gift with a debit card. The form allows both credit and debit card monthly transactions.

If the donor has concerns about using their card information either debit or credit card online we can on this occasion allow for him to set up a standing order direct into the RNRMC bank and therefore collect Gift Aid. If he would like to make the donation this way then please do let us know so that we can provide you with the correct details. We will also need an email or letter from the donor identifying that he is eligible for Gift Aid.