About us

The Submarine Family brings together all parts of the submarine community: serving, veteran, family and supporter; it provides a framework for fundraising and coordinated support for benevolence, commemoration, heritage and projects which support our ‘family’ in any way.

The Submarine Family is supported and overseen by the RNRMC which provides its regulatory framework. It is led by a board chaired by the Head of the Submarine Service with representatives of all elements of the family, submarine charities, the RNRMC and for Families and Benevolence.

The Submarine Family is free to join. Those who do join are encouraged to make regular donations to support its work. Submariners (serving and veteran) on joining are enrolled, if they wish, as members of the Submariners Association, We Remember Submariners and the Friends of the RN Submarine Museum with all the associated benefits. Family members and supporters who join receive access to the members area of the website and other benefits.  

The Submarine Family website encourages visitors to join,it provides a password protected members area with information and support on a variety of issues, details of how to apply for a grant and also a tailored newsletter system.  

The Submarine Family will aim through networking to assist serving submariners in their transition to civilian life.

The Submarine Family will assist with fundraising and the creation of our family identity through a series of events throughout the year and by creating growth in our brand via merchandise which can be purchased here.

 It is the intention that The Submarine Family  takes on the ownership of The Submariner Memorial and already is the custodian of The Online Book of Remembrance detailing the nearly 6000 submariners who have given their lives in service and allowing their stories to be told and enhanced by their families. 

The Elements

The Submarine Family is linked by mutual agreement to three separate and independent organisations:

Each of these leads on a separate aspect of the Family business: Friends on heritage, WRS on commemoration and the SA on camaraderie. 

Thinking of Joining?

There are two types of membership:

  • Submariner Member. Royal Naval submariners from the beginning of their submarine training through their service career and retirement.
  • Family and supporter. Family members of submariners and those who wish to support the Royal Navy Submarine Service. 

Submariner Members are entitled to free membership of Friends, WRS and the SA. In fact The Submarine Family is free to join for all but we ask that you consider making a regular monthly donation so that we can raise money to spend money in supporting our Family. 

How will my donation be spent?

The Submarine Family has four primary outputs for which we raise and on which we spend money:

  • Camaraderie – supporting projects and organisations which bring our Family together.
  • Compassion – supporting our family through a variety of hardships, including: health, childcare, wellbeing, financial and many more.  
  • Commemoration – supporting projects and organisations which help remember those who have given their lives in the Submarine Service.
  • Heritage – Preserving our submarine heritage to tell our story in museums, naval establishments and in print and broadcast media. 

Details of how to apply and guidance are on our Grants Page.