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The Submarine Family spends the money it raises through donations and fund raising activities on four primary outputs:

  • Camaraderie. To support projects and activities which bring our family together. 
  • Compassion. To support those of our family in times of hardship and need.
  • Commemoration. To support acts of remembrance and assist with care of the many memorials around the country dedicated to submariners.
  • Heritage. To raise funds to protect the Royal Navy’s submarine heritage, to enhance collections and improve the way our story is told to others.

If you have a project or need then it is possible to bid for a grant directly here or via the websites of: The Submariners Association, We Remember Submariners and Friends of the RN Submarine Museum.

Individual Benevolence grants are primarily provided by the RN Benevolence charities which this fund may choose to support directly. However, TSF may also provide additional support to TSF beneficiaries on a case-by-case basis, as they arise. We will consider cases in these areas: Short term need. Medical support. Welfare grants for the purchase of specific items. Heritage grants for…

Military Efficiency grants may be considered, but will not replace that which should be publicly funded, areas meeting the following criteria: Recreational and entertainment Items and facilities. Mess Refurbishment or Enhancements. Team Building events. Symposiums and meetings to support networking. Ethos and esprit de corps activities. Support to remembrance and comradeship events. He…

All grants are viewed by the RNRMC grants process team and therefore all correspondence after your initial application will be from the RNRMC.

The Submarine Family is part of the RNRMC group, and as such we work very closley together to ensure our family gets the best all round support and service that is possible.

In all cases the first thing to do is to complete the enquiry form below and you will then be contacted with details of how to move this forward.

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