AE2 (Lt Cdr H H G D Stoker) was an Australian E Class Submarine with Royal Navy Officers and a mixed crew of Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy Ratings. AE2 was the second of two E Class Submarines ordered for the Royal Australian Navy and built in the Vickers Shipyard at Barrow in Furness.

After a Commissioning Ceremony at Portsmouth in February 1914, AE2 made the passage to Australia in company with AE1 leaving Portsmouth on 2 March 1914 and arriving in Sydney on 23 May 1914. After refitting at Sydney, AE1 & AE2 joined Australian Forces at the Bismarck Archipelago. After the disappearance without trace of AE1 (with the loss of all onboard), AE2 remained in the area before returning to Sydney.

HMAS AE2 then returned to European & Mediterranean waters leaving Sydney on 19 December 1914 as the escorting force for an Australian Troop convoy and joined the naval forces of the Dardanelles Campaign at Tenedos on 2 February 1915.

On 23 April 1915, AE2 was the first submarine to successfully complete the passage through the Dardanelles Straits into the Sea of Marmara. On 30 April 1915, AE2 was damaged in an encounter with a Turkish Torpedo Gun Boat (SULTANHISSAR) and was unable to dive to safety. AE2 was scuttled by her crew to prevent her capture by the Turkish Navy. There were no casualties, but the Crew were made Prisoners of War.

Several of the Crew died whilst in captivity in Turkey before the survivors returned home after the Armistice.


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