HMS UNTAMED (Lt G M Noll) was exercising with ships of the 84th Escort Group off Campbeltown on 30 May 1943. She was due to surface at 1700 but failed to do so. No reply had been received from her since 1500 in answer to signal charges that had been dropped and at 1600 the senior officer of the group in HMS SHEMERA made a signal to that effect.

SHEMERA located UNTAMED on the bottom in 25 fathoms of water. Divers arrived later that day, but tide and currents prevented them diving then or on the following day. The divers reached the submarine on 1 June but all hope of rescuing the crew had faded by then.

UNTAMED was found lying on an even keel and apparently undamaged. Salvage operations were started and UNTAMED was brought into Campbeltown harbour on 26 June. The forward part of the submarine was found to have flooded through the Otway log sluice valve due to an error in operating the valve. There were no survivors. A mass funeral was held on the 6 July at Campbeltown.

UNTAMED was salvaged and renamed HMS VITALITY, returning to operational service on 19 July 1944.


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