Clyde Poppy Appeal

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MILITARY and Civilian personnel at HM Naval Base Clyde came together on Tuesday, November 1, to help launch the 2022 Poppy Scotland Appeal.

The first poppies went on sale within the Naval Base’s HMS Neptune Supermess with base workers lining up to support the launch.

“This is a significant period in our calendar as we take the opportunity to reflect and particularly to remember those who have fallen in the service of our nation,” said Captain Nick Gibbons, Captain of the Base.

“I am very grateful for those across all elements of the Clyde community – service personnel, civil servants, and industry partners – who took the time today to come together and help support the Clyde Poppy launch.”

Around four million poppies are distributed around Scotland by 10,000 volunteers each year. Money raised provides tailored support and funding to thousands of servicemen and women, as well as other vital services on advice, employment, mobility, respite, housing and mental health support.

Chief Petty Officer Murray Anderson, who helped organise the launch, said: “I am extremely proud, honoured, and grateful in not only promoting HM Naval Base Clyde’s Poppy launch, but also by the fantastic support afforded by Service personnel and Base support services.”

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