Dreadnought Alliance programme

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The Dreadnought programme is of the utmost importance to the security of our nation.It is equally important to our the current and future serving members of our family as they will carry on the long traditions of professional excellence under the worlds oceans and seas.

The Dreadnought Alliance has been commissioned ot deliver the Dreadnought programme to the RN and UK.

Read the following statement from their website and follow the link to read more.

“We are all proud to work alongside the Royal Navy in defending our nation as we are to design, build and deliver the next class of deterrent submarines.

We are proud to protect our nation for future generations, supporting over 30,000 jobs across the UK, making a significant contribution to the economy. These jobs will ensure that the UK retains and develops its world leading skills through a wide range of companies in the supply chain.

Together, we will deliver to the Royal Navy affordable, world-class Dreadnought Class submarines at sea on time.”

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