Family Days Aboard HMS Vengeance and HMS Anson: A Celebration by The Submarine Family

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This past weekend, The Submarine Family, in partnership with the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), proudly supported two extraordinary family days aboard HMS Vengeance and HMS Anson. With a grant of just over £4,000, we aimed to create unforgettable experiences for the families of our brave submariners, celebrating the unique bond that unites the submarine community.

Aboard HMS Vengeance

HMS Vengeance, a Vanguard-class submarine, welcomed the families of its crew for a day filled with excitement and learning. As families stepped aboard, they were greeted with a variety of activities designed to both entertain and educate. Guided tours offered an insider’s view into the daily lives and duties of the submariners, revealing the complex machinery and operational precision required to run this formidable vessel.

Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr) Ian Coe, an engineer on HMS Vengeance said: “The life on board HM Submarines is a challenging and rewarding one. The conditions our personnel live and work in is difficult to explain. Giving the crew the opportunity to show their families where they live and work when deployed is extremely important and something we on HMS Vengeance feel strongly about.”

Aboard HMS Anson

HMS Anson, one of the newest Astute-class submarines, also hosted a spectacular family day. The event featured guided tours showcasing the advanced systems and technology aboard the submarine, giving families a first-hand look at the living conditions and daily operations their loved ones navigate.

To conclude the day, the families were taken to the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club Clubhouse where they had the opportunity to meet organisations that support HMS Anson. It was also here that two Personnel were presented with their dolphins following the completion of their SMQ.

The support from The Submarine Family and the RNRMC was crucial in making the event a success.

The Importance of Family Days

At The Submarine Family, we understand the importance of family days in maintaining the morale and well-being of Royal Navy personnel. These events offer a rare glimpse into the challenging world of submarine service, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among family members. Strengthening the bonds between the crew and their families, these events reinforce the essential support network that underpins the mental and emotional health of our service members.

The success of the family days aboard HMS Vengeance and HMS Anson is a testament to our commitment to the Royal Navy community. The grant of over £4,000 with the RNRMC was an investment in the happiness and cohesion of the naval family, and the positive feedback from participants underscores its value.