Family Games Day

Two children sitting at a table playing Guess Who?

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The Submarine Family were delighted to support a fun families games day in Helensburgh on the 22nd of October which was national games day.


The event, which took place in the Drumfork Communbity Centre, Helensburgh was hosted by local charity Males and Females Tales.

Founder John Lewis said ” the aim was to create and fun filled day, were families could come together to socilaise over some board and video games It would help combat any social anxieties that have been caused through the pandemic, and also give some kids ( and adults) the chance to meet some new friends.

Drumfork Community Centre Manger, Shelley Gilmour added “We welcomed a great mix of age groups through the doors of Drumfork Community Centre on Saturday 22nd October 2022. Feedback was very positive and highlights were that it was good to spend time meeting new people and playing games with family members and friends. Not to mention meeting our very special guest, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Mascot, Nelson the Sailor Cat! We had a great range of games for all ages, from playing cards, chess and operation to jenga, Oculus and Nintendo Switch. There was a great variety for all! Not to mention our glitter tattoo station, which proved very popular across all ages.”

John also added ” thank you to the submarine family for their generous support and contribution. It helped create an fantastic day for all who came”

Males & Females Tales Peer Support charity members posing around their banner, holding penny buckets.
A dad playing the board game Operation with his daughter.

A dad playing a board game with his daughter.
Two children posing with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity mascot; a cat in sailor uniform.