Forces Personnel Job Share Opportunitites

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Defence has added Job Share to its Flexible Service offer, expanding its modern flexible working opportunities for Regular personnel and meeting a commitment it made in its response to the HCDC Women in the Armed Forces Inquiry.

Job Share introduces a new way for Service personnel (SP) to serve during their careers, for a temporary period, where operational capability allows. In a Job Share, two Regular SP voluntarily share the responsibilities and duties of one full-time post. Each SP reduces their work routine by 40% (which equates to working three days a week) with a proportionate decrease to pay and output. The arrangement builds in a period for both partners to work at the same time to ensure continuity.

Lieutenant General James Swift, Chief of Defence People says:

“Job Share is a new tool that can be used to retain Regular personnel whose circumstances require them to work Part Time while they are in a role that requires full output. It’s a niche tool for a niche situation, but it’s a tool that is part of a modern package of flexibilities for the Armed Forces that can help maintain and build the sustainable, diverse, and skilled workforce we need to deliver operational capability and readiness.”

“We ask a lot of our Service personnel and offering short term flexibility can help individuals maintain long and fulfilling careers in the Armed Forces. Meanwhile, their colleagues, unit and the wider organisation can gain longer-term benefits from the investment in training and hard-won experience gained throughout their career… An investment, that Defence may otherwise lose.”

Job Share has been added to existing Flexible Service provisions which have offered Part Time Working and Restricted Separation to Regular personnel since 2019. Job Share therefore has the same benefits and controls as the other Flexible Service opportunities which include:

  • Protected days where the Service person is not liable for duty and days where they are not liable for additional duties.
  • Limits to the amount of Part-Time Working that an individual can take to ensure that the majority of a SP’s career will continue to be at full commitment. Flexible Service cannot be taken for longer than three years at once (with a three-month minimum) and no longer than four years in a 12-year rolling period.
  • SP will not normally be granted Flexible Service they have been warned or are under notice for operations, on sea service or placed at high readiness.
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Full details can be found in JSP 750: Centrally determined terms of service