Emergencies with Money - or the lack of it.

Struggling to pay a bill?

If you are finding difficulty in paying bills seek advice and support from SSAFA before doing anything like taking out a loan or defaulting on the bill.  

You are not alone and not the first person in this situation. Asking for help will not affect you submariner’s career in any way.

  1. SSAFA 0800 260 6767

In debt?

If you are in debt then again you are not alone and there is expert help and support just a phone call or email away.  Asking for help is the first step to getting things sorted and it will not affect your submariner’s career.

  1. SSAFA 0800 260 6767
  2. The RN Benevolent Trust will help if your submariner is a rating or senior rating 02392 690112 or [email protected]
  3. The RN Officers Charity will help if your submariner is an officer. 0207 402 5231 or [email protected]

Naval Pay Issues

Sometimes your submariner’s pay may not seem correct and this can cause worry and lead to debt.  In the first instance contact:

    1. Support Crew Duty Officer for Bomber personnel (you will have been provided with this number separately) or your Submarine Family Liaison Officer (SFLO) for Attack Boat personnel (again you will have been provided with this number by your submariner). 
    2. If for whatever reason this does not help then contact The Submarine Family Ops Manager 

Been Scammed

  1. If you think you have been or are bing scammed call the police using 999 if you feel threatened or the scam is in progress or 101 for situations that do not require an immediate police response.
  2. If the scam leads to money or debt issues then see the advice above.