HMS Artful Ships Company Visit to Southampton

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‘HMS ARTFUL conducted an extremely successful week-long affiliates visit to the City of Southampton w/c 30 Oct 23. It was a busy week for the crew of HMS ARTFUL, which included visiting 2 Sea Cadet Units, fund raising, meeting the Lord Mayor of Southampton, visiting the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Southampton University Hospital, a tour in HMS BLAZER and visiting Solent URNU. HMS ARTFUL’s Ship Company values the support of all their affiliations, and being able to express our gratitude during the visit was a great boon. Although it was a busy week, HMS ARTFUL Ship’s Company did enjoy some down time, in the form of a meal out with the Trustees of the Friends of PICU charity and being hosted in Solent URNU’s Wardroom. A highlight of the week was most definitely raising £477 for the Friends of PICU. The charity supports young children in intensive care; the Ship’s Company had the privilege to visit the Paediatric Unit at Southampton University Hospital, where the charity conducts most of their work. The Ship’s Company was in awe at the hard work conducted on the Unit and the amazing support given by the Friends of PICU. HMS ARTFUL’s crew looks forward to their next visit to Southampton.’