Getting into HM Naval Base Clyde (or Faslane as everybody calls it) is a bit complicated to ensure that only those who should get in do get in.

There are two different types of entry – for a single visit (perhaps when a boat returns) or for regular access to the base facilities such as the gym when a Service Family Pass can be used. 

Single Visits

For a single visit, for example when the submarine returns from patrol, you will need to complete a Visitor Notification Form (VNF) which must be submitted by a sponsor who already has a base pass I.e., serving partner/line manager/divisional officer/host for visit and be submitted at least 3 working days in advance.   If you are a Foreign or Dual National or Naturalised British Citizen then at least 10 days notice is required. You will need to bring photographic ID.

Regular Access – Service Family Pass

If you are the spouse or partner or dependant (aged 16-25) of  a serving person working in HMNB Clyde or RN Armament Depot Coulport you are eligible to apply for a Service Family Pass. The pass allows you unescorted access to the non-operational area (called the yellow area) for up to one year; providing the Sponsoring Service Person is a holder of a permanent base pass, is in date for relevant security clearances and the applicant resides at the same address as the Service Person. Children under the age of 16 cannot apply for a pass, but can be escorted by a Family Pass holder.

The Service Person requesting a family pass will still need to go to the Pass Office (and obtain an application form (BS-FM-01)). But when doing so will be able to book a time out of working hours for you to have an ID check, induction and photo at the South Gate.

Once the South Gate process has been completed, the Service Person will return to the Pass Office, return the now endorsed application form to the Pass Office team. The Family Pass will be then be issued. 

This can be done once your submariner has deployed; but it is much easier to get sorted before they deploy!


Base Tours

A ‘meet and greet’ tour of HMNB Clyde happens every so often (roughly every 6 weeks) for Service Families. This starts from the Helensburgh Family Centre at Churchill. The tour is led by RNFPS Welfare Team (point of contact Ms. Val Anderson and Ms. Sophia McCardle 01436 672798). Do make time to go on one of these it is well worthwhile.

Service Personnel

Service Personnel requiring to visit or join HMNB Clyde on a permanent basis are reminded that an MOD 90 I.D. card will not suffice for entry into HMNB Clyde, no matter your rank/rate or current security level.


A booking service is used for permanent personal base passes.  To allow security checks to be done an appointment is booked more than 5 days after the completed application form is submitted. 

Applications must be submitted by an on-site permanent base holder, sponsor/line manager or divisional officer.  Appointments can be arranged by contacting the Pass Office on extensions 6601/8589 & 5648 during the working day.

Permanent vehicle passes can be obtained without an appointment by attending MGS at North Gate Visitors Reception Centre (VRC). Please request permanent vehicle application form on arrival and hand back on completion. Please obtain a temporary permit if required and the Pass Office will look to produce your permanent vehicle pass within a two-week processing window. Please note that if you have less than six months to run before the expiry of your personal permanent base pass you will not secure a vehicle permanent pass until you have renewed the personal pass. When produced, permanent base vehicle passes can be collected from the Visitor’s Reception Centre North Gate. Contact extension 5542.

Returning of Permanent Pass

All HMNB Clyde permanent passes, including social passes must be returned to the issuing authority (Faslane Pass Office), (Coulport VRA) on cessation of employment/entitlement/expiry.

Management of Permanent Pass

For initial pass issue, individuals must produce ID, i.e., a current Passport or two other forms of ID (Pass Office will advise). 

Pass images must detail a current true likeness of the individual. Passes must be updated as and when required to ensure image reflects the true likeness of the pass holder. 

An SC/DV alone is not sufficient to request a Limited area pass. Limited area passes are to be strictly controlled and will only be issued to those personnel who require regular access (at least once or twice a week), to the Limited areas.  Temporary upgrades can be requested using BS-(C) FM-007 

Pass type must be changed if an individual is changing employment status.  Pass type must reflect individual’s current employment status i.e., MOD/Military/Site Contractor/Contractor.

Single Visits

Single visits for service personnel are applied for in the same manner as the single visits above.