Unvieling of Help Jim’s Story Bench in HMNB Clyde.

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MILITARY and civilian personnel recently gathered outside the HMS Neptune Supermess for the unveiling of a Reflection Bench in honour of a Royal Navy submariner.
Captain James Simpson, known as Jim to family and friends, joined the Royal Navy in January 2000. Starting his career as a Warfare Officer, he then joined the Submarine Service as a Marine Engineer, spending much of his time at HMNB Clyde.
Jim had an impressive career, attaining the rank of Captain in just over 18 years and was hugely respected by those who had the honour of working with him.
Sadly, in 2020, Jim took his own life.
The bench was donated by HELP Jim’s Story, a fund established under the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity to highlight the importance of conducting training to understand the signs of poor mental health and promote tools that you can use to maintain positive wellbeing.
Jim’s wife Claire and his son Fraser attended the event at Clyde, with Claire unveiling the bench, which is not so much a memorial, more a physical and visible reminder of the importance of self-care and physical wellbeing.
Claire said: “Jim cared passionately about the welfare and mental wellbeing of his team. HELP Jim’s Story was established to promote the importance of conducting mental health training. By understanding your own mental health, you are more capable of recognising signs in others and have the confidence to act when needed.”
“The reflection bench in HMNB Clyde, where Jim spent a significant amount of his time as an inspirational leader and submariner is another important step in promoting conversation around mental health.”
Similar reflection benches have been placed at 13 sites, including HMS Sultan and BRNC Dartmouth, and the plan is to extend this HELP initiative and place benches in all military establishments, shipyards, and industrial partner sites across the UK.
Commander Chris ‘Titch’ Evans, who is an Ambassador and Founding Committee member of HELP, organised the event at Clyde with the help of the Base Executive Officer, Commander Pete Noblett.
“People matter when it comes to mental health. The reflection bench in Clyde serves as a visual daily reminder to all, of the importance of self-care. Having strong bonds with others provides an opportunity to share our feelings and know that we are understood.” Said Commander Evans.
For more info or to make a donation go to Help – Jim’s Story (help-jimsstory.com