HMNB Clyde Bake Sale

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Submarine Family volunteers gave Paul Hollywood a run for his money in HMNB Clyde.

An amazing variation of baked goods including cheesecake, brownies, tray bake, rice cake, meringues and much more were on offer for a small donation to The Submarine Family.

TSF volunteers Jan Dunn, Tamar Winstanley-Jones, Amy Goodyear, Pam Durrant, Kerry Roake, Meresa Lewis, MT Hayes and Kelly Marie-Macauley baked and provided the homemade delights for the base staff to indulge in.

HMNB Clyde staff ensured all cakes were taken to a good home while raising £579.50 for The Submarine Family.

If you are raising money for TSF or would like to raise money for TSF and would like some comms support with your fundraiser…please contact [email protected]