Sleep Workshops

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Sleep Education Workshop available to members of the SM community:

 The Taigh Mor Foundation and Submarine Family are delighted to offer a unique opportunity to join a 3-day online Sleep Workshop.

The workshop will be delivered online by Prof Colin Espie, Professor of Sleep Medicine at Oxford University, and his colleague Dr Dimitri Gavriloff;


The Sleep Deprivation module differs from the first modules in that the focus is upon insufficient opportunity to sleep, rather than having a difficulty getting to sleep or remaining asleep. This applies for example in situations of deployment, adverse conditions, shift or night-working, and time zone changes. It also focuses on what can be done to manage and mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation rather than treating

The Sleep and Traumatic Experiences module focuses on the impact of acute and chronic stress upon sleep, and the consequential effects of impaired sleep on functioning in such circumstances. The module, therefore, covers how traumatic experiences impact sleep as well as waking life, the central role that sleep plays in emotional regulation and memory consolidation, and how sleep management may contribute to understanding and managing PTS.

Day 1 – Monday 30th October 2023 9:30am-4pm

  • AM Module 1 What is sleep and why does it matter? (core learning about sleep, health, and functioning)
  • PM Module 2 Sleep Therapeutics Part 1 (understanding and managing common sleep problems like insomnia)

Day 2 – Tuesday 31st October 2023 9:30am-4pm

  • AM Module 2 Sleep Therapeutics Part 2 (understanding and managing common sleep problems like insomnia)
  • PM Module 2 Sleep Therapeutics Part 3 (understanding and managing common sleep problems like insomnia)

Day 3 – Monday 13th November 2023 9:30am-4pm

  • AM Module 3 Sleep Deprivation (understanding and mitigating the effects of insufficient sleep)
  • PM Module 4 Sleep and Traumatic Experiences (understanding and managing the impact of trauma on sleep)

To enquire about booking a place on this course, please contact [email protected] for a registration link with your TSF number


TMF Sleep Workshops Programme

To register, email [email protected] with your tsf membership number quoting sleep workshop