New beginnings for our family

The Submarine Family logo.

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The Submarine Family (TSF)is a new organisation that forms part of the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity umbrella.

TSF has been created to unite the whole submarine community for the benefit of the whole family. Combining the values, beliefs and ethos of the Royal Navy Submarines Service, the Submariners association, Friends of the Submarine Museum and We Remember Submariners, they aim to provide a full wrap around support service for submariners, retired submariners, their families and all supporters to their cause.

Central to the cause will be The Submarine Family Website . The website will encourage visitors to join, provide a member’s area with information including a help and support section for families, tailored newsletters and details of how to apply for grants. The site will host an Online Book of Remembrance detailing the submariners who have given their lives in service, allowing their stories to be told and enhanced by their families.

Like any other community within the UK armed forces, the silent service has its own unique support needs, and issues. This brings with it an unparalleled level of peer support and understanding that can only truly be appreciated by people in the submarine family. It provides a framework for fundraising and coordinated support for comradeship, commemoration, compassion, heritage and projects which support our ‘family’ in any way.

“We need to build a network of support for our own family, we are our greatest asset. Uniting everyone in the family together to deliver the best support for one and other is the best the way to do this. Teamwork within the submarine family has always been by far our biggest strength. Whether it be families supporting each other when their partners/family are deployed, on operations on an SSN or SSBN, or supporting our retired submariners and their families in a time of need. We have always done this, and done it well, but now we will have a single place where can call home and be there to either offer support, and find out what there is available to support us” TSF operations manager John Lewis

The support will range from health and wellbeing, housing support, family, support, getting visitors access to HMNB Clyde, what a new submariner should pack on their first deployment, to a brief description of what a submariner and submarines do and lots more in between.

TSF has already supported some major projects before even going live. TSF played a major role in supporting the design, production and delivering of the Submariners memorial; which was unveiled at the National Arboretum by HRH Prince William on the 18th of May.

TSF has also supported HMS Oardacious, the submariner cross Atlantic rowing team, who will again, complete the arduous journey once again this winter, the submariner’s awards ceremony and the Cold War Museum.

Completely free to join, TSF belongs to every single person in the family, it is our family and we need to support it. Only we know what we need, and only we know the best ways to achieve this. Together we can build a fantastic network that will provide all members of the family the support, companionship, and belonging that we want and we deserve.

The Submarine Family website went live on the 18th of May and was launched at he Submarine Service awards ceremony in Glasgow on the 28th of May.

Submariners atop their submarine.